Below you will find questions and answers about printing, processing/ shipping, sharing my photos, and much more. If your question has not been answered please feel free to email me.

  2021 Holiday Ordering Deadlines  | Standard Shipping 
recommended ordering dates to ensure delivery before Christmas

USA Orders:
Prints - WednesdayDecember 15th
Canvases - Friday, December 10th
With Expedited Shipping -  
Prints - Friday, December 17th
Canvases - Wednesday December 15th

UK Orders:
Prints - Wednesday, December 22nd
Canvases - Tuesday, December 14th

Rest of Europe/ Outside of UK:
Luster Prints - Tuesday, December 7th
Fine Art Prints - Wednesday, December 1st
Canvases - Tuesday, November 30th

Canadian Orders:
Luster Prints - Thursday, December 9th
Fine Art Prints - Wednesday, December 8th
Canvases - Monday, December 6th
With Expedited Shipping -
Prints - Thursday, December 16th
Canvases - Tuesday, December 14th

Australian Orders:
Luster Prints - Wednesday, December 15th
Canvases - TuesdayDecember 7th


How long does processing and shipping take?

Current processing time for print orders is 2-5 business days (additional days may be needed for canvas orders). Due to delays caused by Covid 19 within the US Postal Service/ other shipping companies and Customs, I am now shipping prints and canvases from a Professional Lab within your country/region. For example: orders in Australia are shipped from Queensland and will arrive in a few days, instead of waiting weeks for an order from the US to arrive. Thank you so much for your order and support during this difficult time. As a small business owner just trying to make a difference, your order truly means everything to me!

Do you sell digital images?

Thank you for wondering about this. Unfortunately I do not sell digital copies of my images. Selling physical prints and canvases is what funds the majority of my sanctuary and animal rights work.

Will your watermark be on my print or canvas?

Thank you so much for wanting to own one of my prints/canvases, it means so much to me. A watermark will never be on anything you order.

Can I cancel or change my order?

Thank you so much for your order and support! Please contact me at with your order number within an hour of your order to change your order. If you made an error on your shipping address, please email me with your correct address and order number. I do not offer refunds as each order is custom made just for you.

How much does shipping cost?

Thank you so much for your inquiry! Shipping costs start at $3.50 USD per order. I do my best to keep shipping prices fair and the actual cost of packaging and shipping... Is there anything worse than wanting to order something and finding out the shipping is astronomical? Orders over $75 USD ship for free to most countries, no discount code needed. Choose the +free shipping+ option at checkout.

Do you have gift certificates?

Thank you so much for your inquiry! Yes, E-gift certificates - which are delivered digitally to either yourself or the recipient - are available for purchase. You can find them here. If you have any questions about your E-gift certificate order please do not hesitate to email me.

Help! My order appears to be lost as the tracking number has had no updates, what now?

I am so sorry this has happened. If your package tracking has not had an update on the shipper's website please email me directly at or use the contact page to get in touch. I will file a lost package report to try and locate the package. If we are unable to locate your order after 2 weeks your order I will replace your package.

My prints were delivered, but they were stolen/ lost somehow. What now?

Unfortunately we are not responsible for a package once the shipper shows it has been delivered to the correct address. Please reach out to shipping company with your tracking information if this has occurred.

Do you provide your photos to animal rights organizations?

I do provide photographs to vegan non-profit animal rights organizaions for use on social media, billboards, magazines, cards, and pamphlets. Please email me at or use the contact page to get in touch so we can discuss further. + Please note this decision is at my discretion and I will ignore inquiries from people who are rude and demanding. This rarely happens but unfortunately sometimes people forget to be kind. :)

I want to visit a sanctuary, can you help me find one?

I advise everyone checks the list of sanctuaries here to see if there are any close to where you live. Before visiting a sanctuary for the first time I recommend reading this list to make sure you know the signs of a real sanctuary. Please remember that not all sanctuaries are open to the public and to always make an appointment beforehand.

Can Sammantha come photograph my sanctuary?

Thank you so much for wanting me to visit your sanctuary! Please fill out the sanctuary visitation request form here and I will be in touch. Please note that it does take me some time to get through emails so please be patient with me. :)

I have a blog that discusses veganism, do you provide free photos to blogs?

Thank you so much for your inquiry! Unfortunately I do not provide free unwatermarked images to blogs or websites as this is my profession and I need to be able to afford to continue doing this work to help animals. I can provide watermarked photos to those who are doing a write up about veganism or my animal rights work on their blog/ website. Please email me or use the contact page to discuss this further.

Do you sell Lightroom presets?

Thank you so much for wondering about this! I am currently working on presets and hope to have them for sale by the end of 2021.

Will you have a 2022 Calendar?

Thank you so much for wondering about this! For the first time ever I will be offering a wall calendar for the 2022 year. I will start pre-orders in early October 2021 and will have a link here, as well as on my shop page. :)

Can I reshare your instagram photos to my page?

Thank you so much for asking and for wanting to share my images! Yes of course you can, I just ask that I am properly credited @sfisherx.

I run an animal rights page on instagram/facebook, can I use your photos?

Thank you so much for all you do for animals. Yes, of course you may use my photos. I just ask that I am properly credited @sfisherx.

I am writing a paper for school, can I use your images for this?

Thank you so much for your inquiry! Yes of coure you can, I just ask that I am properly credited if it is being published online.

How many people work for Sammantha Fisher Photography?

Thank you for wondering about this! I am a one woman team, just doing the best I can. :)

Do you offer training sessions or online tutorials?

Thank you so much for wondering about this! I am an incredibly shy, introverted person so at this time I do not offer in-person or online lessons - BUT exciting news is I am currently working on something to share all I've learned so far photographing animals in hopes it will help you to help animals, too! :)

Are you available for hire for original animal rights content?

Thank you so much for wondering about this! I absolutely am available for hire and would love to discuss this further with you. Please email me at

What kind of camera equipment do you use?

I am a huge advocate for not buying the most expensive gear. Good gear can definitely help, but always remember that many people can have the same exact camera and lens setup and the outcome of their images will be completely different. My first camera was a Canon T3i Rebel with an 18-55mm lens. The first thing I invested in was a prime telephoto zoom lens. I shot with that camera for about a year and a half before upgrading to a full frame Canon.

Can I use your photos for reference when drawing/ painting?

Thank you so much for inquiring about this! If you are drawing/painting without intent to sell I welcome you to use my photos for reference. I do not usually give permission for my work to be drawn and sold but am open to discussing if you'd like to contact me. All of my images are protected by copyright and are registered with the U.S. Copyright office.

I'd like to get your photo printed on something you don't offer, can you send me the digital image?

Thank you for wondering about this! I do not sell digital images but am open to providing a quote for a different print medium than what I offer on my site - such as wood, acrylic, cotton, etc. Please email me at to discuss further. :)

Can I use a current coupon code on multiple orders?

Thank you so much for wanting to purchase some of my work, it means everything to me! You can use a valid coupon code on as many orders as you'd like to place.

Is the free print with every order different each time I order?

Thank you so much for your support! Yes, every order comes with a different free print that I choose at random. If you have ordered previously I always check what prints you have already bought so I don't send a duplicate. :)