Below you will find frequently asked questions; from artist inquires to print shop questions.
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Please note that prints and canvases are currently not available for purchase.

What is the difference between Luster Paper, Fine Art Paper, Premium Canvas Wraps, & Acrylic Prints?

Luster Prints are the most popular and affordable choice. They have a slight sheen without being glossy. The colors on the print are vibrant, life-like and offers brighter blues, cyans, purples, and reds.

Fine Art Prints are a printed on a thick matte paper with a subtle watercolor texture. Colors are deeper than the Luster Prints as the paper absorbs more ink, which also gives a fine and soft look. Images on Fine Art Paper can be seen at all angles without glare or light reflections due to not having a sheen.

Premium Canvas Wraps are an archival quality canvas that has been hand-stretched around a sturdy 1.5" wooden frame. Wraps come ready to hang right out of the box and have a saw tooth or wire for mounting attached.

Premium Canvas Wrap with Floating Frames are the above but added on is a dark brown, black or white frame around the canvas. After your purchase of this product you will receive a email for you to pick which color frame you would like.

Acrylic Prints are on a premium acrylic glass with a built-in French cleat system for display. The image you pick is printed directly onto 1/4" acrylic glass surface.

Do you sell digital images?

Thank you for wondering about this. Unfortunately I do not sell digital copies of my images.

I'd like to get your photo printed on something you don't offer, can you send me the digital image?

Thank you for wondering about this. I do not sell digital images but am open to providing a quote for a different print medium than what I offer on my site if it is a possible medium.

Will your watermark be on my print or canvas?

A watermark will never be on anything you order.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping costs start at $4.50 USD per order. I do my best to keep shipping prices fair and the actual cost of packaging and shipping.

How long does processing and shipping take?

Current processing time for print orders is 3-5 business days. Standard shipping can take between 2-7 days. Deliveries may be delayed due to Covid-19. Shipping to PO Boxes may take an additional few days for delivery. Thank you for your support of my small business, I truly appreciate you.

Due to delays caused by Covid 19 within the US Postal Service/ other shipping companies and Customs, along with certain printer inks being unavailable due to shortages, I am now shipping quality prints and canvases from a Professional Lab within your country/region.

Can I use your photos for reference when drawing/ painting?

Thank you so much for inquiring about this. If you are drawing/painting/creating graphic art without intent to sell I welcome you to use my photos for reference. I very rarely give permission for my work to be drawn and sold. Any artwork created and sold without my permission will be reported for copyright infringement. All of my images are protected by copyright and are registered with the U.S. Copyright office.

What are some things to check before donating to a sanctuary or rescue?

Due to some people taking advantage of animals and the kindness of humans, I think its a great idea to educate yourself on how to spot a real sanctuary. There are SO many sanctuaries doing wonderful things for animals and working their butts off. I do not want to take away from these people. But unfortunately I have met several people who used others to make money for themselves and did not properly care for the animals they "rescued", leaving them to starve and die. It is heartbreaking that this is a reality and since animals have less legal protection, a lot of people get away with doing terrible things - which is disgusting and should not be allowed. 

Here are some things I personally look out for before donating:

- Are they a registered 501(C)(3) Non-Profit or a registered charity in the country they are located in? You can check for 501(C)(3)s via the IRS website here. You do not need to have their EIN number to search for them, just lookup their name and state they are located in. Make sure that they have not had their 501(C)(3) status revoked - or if they have, why have they? And have they addressed this with their donors (such as not filing paperwork on time)? You can look up Canadian sanctuaries via the charity lookup here.

- Do you personally know someone who has volunteered or visited the sanctuary? If not, when you check their tagged photos is it a multitude of different people who can vouch for the care of the animals there? This is something you can do for sanctuaries outside of the country/ state you live in that you can't visit.

- Are you seeing the same animals often in photos and videos? Some fake sanctuaries will raise money for animals they "need to save quickly" and you will see photos of them when they are raising money and then those animals will never be seen again. If you ask about them and they keep saying "they are good" or similar without proof that the animal is indeed alive and being properly cared for that is a huge red flag.

- Are they hoarding animals? When you see photos or visit, do all the animals have adequate living space and have a high quality of life? If you were to trade places with them would you be happy there? Many wonderful sanctuaries are on small properties and there is nothing at all wrong with that  - they just shouldn't have 500 animals on a 3 acre property.

- Are they open to conversing with you or are they dismissive and rude when questioned about things going on at their sanctuary? When in doubt never be afraid to ask questions to the sanctuary you are considering donating to, this is your hard-earned money and you deserve to know how it is being spent. If you are asking questions under a post or sending a direct message on Instagram or Facebook you may not get a response as it can be really hard to read all comments and messages that way - I would suggest emailing the sanctuary directly or the board of directors.

- Are they constantly fundraising but there is nothing to show for the work they are doing? Such as, if they are raising money for fencing, a barn, a vehicle - do you see the final product of this fundraising?

I want to visit a sanctuary, can you help me find one?

I advise everyone checks the list of sanctuaries here to see if there are any close to where you live. Before visiting a sanctuary for the first time I recommend reading this list to make sure you know the signs of a real sanctuary. Please remember that not all sanctuaries are open to the public and to always make an appointment beforehand.

Can Sammantha come photograph my sanctuary?

Thank you so much for wanting me to visit your sanctuary, at this time I am no longer booking sanctuary work.